3 Reasons To Incorporate 3D Printing In Next Set Design


Although the technology used for 3D printing was invented as early as 1986, it was not until the last decade or so that the technique became cheap enough that it could be reasonably used for set design purposes. Now, you can find several design and application companies around Las Vegas that offer 3D printing as part of their services, including ASHBA. Here are three reasons why you should consider using 3D printing at your next event.

Easier to Build Scale Models

When planning out sets, scale models often need to be built based on the finished product before moving onto the final construction process. This typically requires tons of material and careful movements to create tiny scale replicas. With 3D printing, this process becomes ten times easier, as the printer is capable of making exact scale models in no time at all.

Not Limited By Available Materials

Many traditional prop and set designs include whatever materials are readily available. However, with 3D printing, everything is designed from a digital ball of clay, making the only design limitations to be left to the imagination of the creator.

Much Cheaper

If your event is bogged down with a strict budget, then it can be very beneficial to use 3D printing. It is significantly cheaper than most traditional methods, so creating mass amounts of props will not cost you an arm and a leg.

To see examples of how 3D printing and other design techniques can be used to improve your show, come check out our portfolio.

Dj Ashba