3 Ways to Make Your Event Booth a Crowd Favorite


Trade shows are a phenomenal opportunity to take your brand directly to where the customers are and give them an opportunity to experience your products and company culture in person. But just showing up to a trade show with a table and a couple of your products is not enough. There are often dozens, if not hundreds, of other booths at these events, so you need a way to make people want to stop and take a look at your booth instead of your competitor’s. 

Luckily, there are design and application companies like ASHBA, who specialize in taking your Las Vegas brand and bringing it to life for trade shows. Here are three ways that you can help to make your trade show event booth a crowd favorite. 

Make the Booth Interactive

People do not want to just look at or hear something, they want to experience it. This means that they need to be able to interact with your booth in a way that makes them feel involved. By including interactive elements in your booth, you allow the attendees to become part of your booth themselves, which will make them much more invested.

There are numerous ways that you can go about making your booth more interactive. Some great examples include having a mini game designed and installed at your booth. It can be something more complex like a digital game run through an app. Or it can be more simplistic yet effective such as a physical puzzle for them to solve. Either way, it will allow them to feel much more involved with your booth and will them a reason to remember your name. 

Have Plenty of Props

Signage is a great thing to have in a booth and is very necessary for a trade show, but it is perhaps just as important to have more 3D elements to your booth as well. By including props at your booth, you make it stand out against the sea of other booths at the event. Instead of being just another booth with a big banner, you become the booth that has towering 3D models that the crowd can pose with and take pictures of. This will help to create a much bigger buzz around your booth. 

Engage on Social Media

It should not come as a surprise that social media engagement is a necessary part of any trade show nowadays. By not being active on social media during the event, you limit your exposure to the people who show up to the trade show and see your booth in person. However, by creating a hashtag specifically for the event and making your company’s social media handles readily available and promoted, you allow pictures and experiences of your booth to be shared online to thousands of other people who are not at the event. 

This will really come in handy for getting the most value out of the booth props too. Once people take photos of the incredible 3D props that you have, they are going to want to share them online. So give the attendees an easy way to tag you in these posts to get the most value out of it. 

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Dj Ashba